About Us

Shifty Eye Games, based in Calgary, Canada, is a collaborative effort between some of the most passionate veterans in the gaming industry. Tuncer Deniz – CEO As the CEO of Shifty Eye Games, Tuncer Deniz is responsible for all facets of the business. Tuncer has a nearly 30-year career in the gaming industry. Tuncer began his gaming career in 1993 when he started a magazine called Inside Mac Games that covered Mac game previews, reviews, and news. In 1996, he joined Bungie Software as product manager and worked with the renowned creator of Halo and Destiny, Jason Jones. His projects while at Bungie included Marathon 2, Marathon 2 for Windows, Marathon Infinity, and Myth. Post Bungie, Tuncer launched popular digital web stores including Macgamestore.com and Wingamestore.com. In 2015, Tuncer re-launched MacPlay, bringing over 100 great titles to Apple's App Store. In 2019, Tuncer launched Shifty Eye Games with a focus on conversions and publishing of games for Apple Arcade, the App Store, and other platforms. Aaron Fothergill – Lead Programmer As one of the co-founders of Strange Flavour, Aaron and his brother Adam have over 100 games to their credit and over 70 years of combined industry experience. Between them they have written the seminal iOS fishing game Flick Fishing, Apple Design Award winning ToySight and have worked on AAA titles such as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Croc 2 and the BAFTA winning Alien Resurrection. Tony Warriner – Programmer Tony has been working as a game programmer and designer since the mid 1980's when he dropped out of school to create 8bit games for the Sinclair Spectrum and Amstrad CPC machines. From these beginnings he went on to co-found Revolution Software, and worked on their seminal games Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword. In the late 2000's he returned to these projects to develop the acclaimed touch UI versions for the iPhone. These days Tony concentrates on UI and gameplay development and plots the glorious return of the 8bit Arcade-Adventure genre. Phil Sulak – Adjunct Faculty Phil discovered the Mac way back in the 80's when a friend's dad brought one home. It had one 400 KB disk drive, 512 KB of RAM, and ran at a blistering 8 MHz. At the time Phil thought it was the most amazing thing he's ever seen. Phil started coding games in college and in the 90's went pro. He's done stints with Westlake Interactive, MacGameStore, MacPlay, MacSoft, EA, and several other game studios. His imprint can be found on countless Mac games and a few iOS apps to boot. He's also done games on PlayStation, Nintendo, and Windows. But in the end he keeps coming back home to the Mac. Rob Noyce – Artist Rob Noyce has worked as a freelance artist within the games industry since January 2010 primarily with Me, We Studios on own IP projects and work for hire with a variety of partners such as Microsoft, DeNA and Connect2Media. Rob's previous experience was working as an artist at Connect2Media on a wide range of original mobile products and high profile licenses such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Marvel. Richard Jaquish MSc – Computer Games Technology Richard has over a decade of experience in the games industry on a wide range of platforms. Starting as a lead programmer in the casual space with the hit Sally's time management series that topped the casual PC and iOS charts. He also led up development on a top Facebook series and has recently branched out into AR and VR technologies. He is currently working with Shifty Eye Games to optimize a number of titles for the Apple Arcade platform. Randall Shaw – Web Guy Randall has been doing full stack web development since the dawn of the world-wide-web in the early 90s. Starting with it as a hobby during college times, it spiraled out of control into work on websites ranging from simple one-offs, to full blown enterprise web stores such as MacGameStore/WinGameStore. Despite the range, he still prefers to do all his coding by hand in basic tools like BBEdit on the Mac.