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Making of Operator 41

October 8, 2019

The Making of Operator 41 for Apple Arcade is now available on YouTube.

Created by 14-year-old Spruce Campbell, Operator 41 is a stealth espionage game for Apple Arcade.

Help the Operator reach the telephone to call headquarters with vital intel. Vigilant guards patrol the grounds, and security cameras keep a watchful gaze. Use stealth to sneak by them. You can throw the objects you’ll find to distract the guards, or even knock them out – but aim and timing is everything. Operator 41 is all about sneakiness and strategy.

This stylish game has a unique look and feel that harkens back to classic 1960s spy movies and TV shows. It comes from the mind of 14 year old junior BAFTA award-winning game designer Spruce Campbell, maker of the hit game CYBER:JUMP.