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Operator 41

Stealth is the key to completing your mission. Are you apt?

About The Game

Help the Operator reach the telephone to call headquarters with vital intel. Vigilant guards patrol the grounds, and security cameras keep a watchful gaze. Use stealth to sneak by them. You can throw the objects you’ll find to distract the guards, or even knock them out – but aim and timing is everything. Operator 41 is all about sneakiness and strategy.

This stylish game has a unique look and feel that harkens back to classic 1960s spy movies and TV shows. It comes from the mind of 14 year old junior BAFTA award-winning game designer Spruce Campbell, maker of the hit game CYBER:JUMP.


  • Strategy
  • Stealth
  • Turn Based
  • Spy
  • Sneaky
  • Single Player